Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec AluBoat signed contract for Pilot Boats to Norway


Kewatec AluBoat has signed an agreement with Buksér og Berging AS regarding deliveries of Pilot Boats. The contract concerns a delivery of two pilot boats as well as three further optional vessels.


Buksér og Berging AS is a leading supplier of marine services within port and terminals, ocean towage, offshore work and complex marine operations. Buksér og Berging AS has been awarded with a 10-year framework contract to supply all Norwegian piloting assessments for the Nordic Coastal Administration. The main office of Buksér og Berging AS is located in Oslo.

The pilot boats are extensively based on the famous Kewatec Pilot 1500, with some modifications to better suit the Norwegian pilotage operations.

“I am very pleased to see that also the Norwegians appreciate our well known pilot boat model. Even if the modernization of the wheelhouse and equipment give the vessel a new appearance, the hull body is almost identical to the high number of “Kewatec Pilot 1500”-vessels used in Sweden and Finland”, says Jens Ahlskog, the CEO of Kewatec AluBoat.

The boats will be powered with twin Scania DI13-engines and will have extensive navigation equipment on board.

The boats will be delivered during 2016.


Check out the video of the Pilot1500-boats delivered to Sweden and Finland here: