Kewatec Aluboat


This new rescue boat is developed in close co-operation with the rescue department personnel, spending decades on the sea saving lives in the worst of conditions. Therefore, the boat has no compromises.

* Volvo Penta D8 engines with IPS propulsion provide 35 knots of speed with extremely low fuel consumtion. Joystick docking and joystick driving let´s anyone take the boat anywhere – superb maneuverability with a touch of a finger. And of course, the Dynamic Positioning will keep the boat at its exact spot when you are using the…
* Fire pump, connected to its own diesel engine. The boat has several pressure outlets and water cannons.
* Pensi stretcher and hydraulical lift. The stretcher can be rolled directly inside the boat and clicks in place. Especially practical if the patient is a successful judo-wrestler.
* Simrad navigation and communication include 3 x 19″ touch-screens with double target tracking radars, Structure Scan sonar, VHF:s, etc, etc. The remote controlled gyrostabilized Infra-red camera make sure the judo-wrestler is found even though he is floating around in complete darkness.
* Lights, lights and more lights…. There are searchlights, manually and electronically controlled. There are floor lights, red lights, bow lights, night lights, work lights. Of course all of them are LED-lights, otherwise the cabling would weight a ton.
* Well, it wouldn´t. Of course the electric systems is a bus-system from Empirbus. That means that the power distribution is made as light as possible.
* Light but strong. This whole package is covered in a fairly thick layer of sea-proof marine aluminium. The complete boat is engineered and produced at Kewatec AluBoat´s shipyard in Kokkola, Finland.

Model Oil Recovery & Fire Boats
Length 13.7 m
Beam 4.5 m
Displacement 14 t
Engine 2x500 HP
Propulsion IPS
Fuel 1000 LITER
Speed 35 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 2
Passengers 10
Class CE

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