Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Patrol 1190

The Kewatec Patrol 1190 is a fast multi-use patrol boat. The boat is specially designed based on the requirements by the Finnish Police forces.

The boat is designed for rough water conditions, with a narrow hull shape and a sharp changing bottom angle. The boat is equipped with a single 1000 hp diesel engine and a Rolls Royce 32A3 waterjet, enabling rush speeds of up to 43 knots. The boat is designed with a big aft deck, providing access for up to 5 m boats to be winched onto the boat deck.

The wheelhouse is spacey, housing suspension seats at 3 work stations, as well as a sofa with internal storage. The navigation and communication equipment onboard are extensive.

The boat is equipped with a hydraulic bow port with integrated stairs. Small loading cranes can be used both in the front and the aft of the boat for to pick goods or persons out from the water.

The boat is certified for 12 persons and is also serving as an oil recovery vessel, being able to launch oil recovery booms or as a fast vessel for transporting goods and crew.

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Model Patrol boats
Length 11.9 m
Beam 3.4 m
Displacement 9 t
Engine 1 x 1000 HP
Fuel 900 LITER
Speed 43 KN
Draft 0.75 m
Crew 1
Passengers 11

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